This Is How Long The Coronavirus Lasts On Different Surfaces Before It Becomes Inactive

The coronavirus spread has caused a lot of countries including Ghana to go on a lockdown.

You’ve heard that you are supposed to wash your hands several times and use your hand sanitizer as a way of making sure you do not catch the virus.

You have been told to avoid touching your face often just so you don’t move the virus from a hard surface, unto your hand, unto your face which has several entry points for the virus to get into your system.

But…do you know how long the virus lasts on most things?

Just like everything, the virus can deteriorate and become ineffective once it does not have a host to feed on and depending on what surface it’s on, it will take some time for it to become ineffective, making it less likely to infect anyone with the disease.

Click the number below to see how long it takes in the air, on steel, fabrics and more


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