How To Avoid Relationship Problems When Working From Home

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, there are 2 things happening in relationships.

It’s either now you’re constantly with your partner every single day cuz you’re living with them or you are apart and you do not know when next you would be able to see each other.

If you’re part of the second group, your article is here.

If you think about it, working from home sounds like fun. No strict hours, no uncomfortable chair which makes your back hurt, no unnecessary meetings, a healthy work-life balance and you and your partner can even have “fun” in the afternoon whiles you work. Sounds cool right?

The truth of the matter is that, while this is possible, it might not be as perfect as you think it will be. There can be a lot of strain on both you and your partners and you need these tips if you want to get it right.

  1. Give each other space
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In as much as both of you might want to be in bed all day and do the “nasty”, you need to give each other space to work. You need to give whatever work you’re doing attention and if your partner is a distraction, you need to work from another side of the house.

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