Ho: Six Foreigners Undergo Screening After Entering Ghana Illegally

Some six persons suspected to be foreigners who allegedly entered Ghana illegally through the Aflao border are currently undergoing preliminary screening at the Ho teaching Hospital in the Volta Region.

Volta Regional Correspondent, Benjamin Aklama, said the six joined a public transport this dawn around 4:00 am but were turned in to the Police at a barrier close to Ho by the driver who suspected they were foreigners.

The Police then escorted the vehicle and its occupants to the Ho Teaching Hospital where they are currently undergoing screening.

Public Relations Officer for the Ho Teaching Hospital, Amos Dzah said further decisions will be taken on the six pursuant to their COVID-19 test results.

“As a facility, we need to do what we have to do. We cannot just let them go. Once they have been brought into a facility, we need to test them and ensure that they do not come in with any foreign material given the COVID-19 we are all battling against…My understanding is that they are coming from outside the country and once they are coming from outside the country it means they have breached the security procedures.”

“After the samples are taken, I think the Chief Executive will be the person to speak on whether we will keep them here or we will have them kept elsewhere…When the results are confirmed then we hand them over to security to take care of that situation. They are six. Within an hour or so we should be done with the tests.”

Source: Citinewsroom

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