Coronavirus Kills 35-Year-Old Ghanaian In The UK

A 35-year-old Ghanaian has lost his life in the United Kingdom after contracting coronavirus.

He is survived by his wife and one child.

According to a close source, who prefers to remain anonymous, the Ghanaian man who lives in the UK had recently returned from a trip to Italy.

Italy is one of the worst-hit countries. Italy currently has 101,739 confirmed coronavirus cases with 11,591 deaths.

According to the source, the deceased was in Italy for a business appointment.

“We just know he was not feeling well, and then he just suddenly got worse and when he was taken to the hospital he died the next day because he couldn’t breathe at all,” the source told

He had no underlying health issues. “He just suddenly got worse in a day and he was gone the next day,” the source said.

His passing also debunks the notion that the virus does not kill young people and black people.

Here’s is a young man with a young family gone because of coronavirus.


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