7 Social Media Terms Every Business Should Know

The number of social media users, even on a daily basis, is enormous. As a business, you need social media in order to establish and grow your brand. You might want to hire a social media manager in order to do that. Even if that’s the case, here are some terms that you need to know in order to be social media literate.


Influencers are individuals on social media who have a large platform, that’s a large following. Influencers are able to use their platform to influence group opinions and behaviour. Celebrities who have numerous subscribers on their Instagram, Twitter or YouTube accounts are examples of influencers.


Your Reach on social media refers to the number of people that your content can possibly reach. It’s the size of your audience. Although, it is a point to note that your reach refers to the number of people who have access to your content, not the number of people that view that content.


Engagement is a term that is collectively used to refer to likes, shares, comments and other interactions with your business’ social media content. Engagement is a good way for you to measure your company’s social media performance.

Organic Content

Organic content describes social media content that does well because of natural user engagement with that content. That, it’s the content that gets popular because users have liked, reposted and viewed it a lot, as opposed to the company paying to promote the content. While promoting content is an effective social media strategy, it is obviously better to have the costless organic content numbers.


Impressions refer to the number of times that a particular social media post has been shown to users. Every time one of your posts comes across a user’s screen, you make an impression. Impressions are made regardless of a user’s interaction with a post. That being said, the number of impressions that you can make depends on your reach.


Mentions are public interactions involving a person or an account on social media. On most platforms, mentions are made by using the @ symbol along with an account username. Your mentions are also a metric that you can use as a company to measure your social media effectiveness.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

As a business, you definitely want lots of this. User-generated content refers to the social media content, posts, photos and videos, that are created by users about a brand and not by the brand or company itself. When someone tweets about the dress that they bought from your business, that’s UGC.

Social media as a marketing tool is continuously proving its effectiveness. You should definitely learn about how it’s used in the context of businesses and make the most out of it.


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