Your Personality Can Get You The Job. This Is How To Show It

When you’re interviewed for a job, it’s because the company wants to get to know you. If that wasn’t the case, there would be no need to interview once they saw your qualifications on paper. During an interview, you should be professional. However, being professional does not mean suppressing your personality. In fact, do the opposite. Showing the interview your sense of humour and other aspects of your personality can help you get the job. Just don’t go overboard. These are some tips to express your personality at a job interview.

You Have To Be Prepared

You can’t show your personality during an interview if you are nervous the whole time. One way to overcome your nervousness is to be prepared. By preparing in advance for the interview, you make it easier for yourself to overcome your initial nervousness. Go through frequently asked interview questions, and practice answering them. Take a deep breath before you go into the interview room, and try to relax.

Be Friendly When You Make Introductions

I know that sometimes it’s possible to lose the awareness that you’re a grown-up. As a result, when you make introductions you try to be courteous instead of friendly. When you’re introducing yourself at an interview, be confident. Shake hands, smile and make eye contact. Show them that you’re approachable and that you’re a positive person.

Watch Your Body Language

Doing things like crossing your arms during an interview, or even focusing too much on your phone in the waiting room can make you seem unapproachable. That’s not the impression you want to create. Hiring managers want to know what it would be like to actually work with you. Creating the impression of aloofness only affects you negatively.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Your Sense Of Humor

Don’t hold back your sense of humour during an interview. It’s okay to laugh at your interviewer’s jokes or something that you’ve said yourself. Just don’t cross any lines. You shouldn’t be sarcastic, and you should always hold on to the awareness that you’re in an interview.

Tell Stories

When you are asked questions, your first instinct shouldn’t be to go to hypothetical scenarios. Instead, try to go through your previous experiences and find one that can answer the question. This shows the interviewer your real-world reaction to events, and how you have handled things in the past.

In the end, your interviewers are people and your job interview is a conversation. Try to make a connection instead of just reciting answers that you think that they want to hear.


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