5 Exciting Ways To Make The Lockdown Bearable Just By Keeping Your Phone Charged

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The Lockdown announced by the president, Nana Akufo Addo took effect at 1 am today.

We have seen a number of you complaining and wondering what to do during these two weeks and we have got solutions for you.

There are some apps you can download or shows you can look forward to, that will do wonders for you!

We know this because we have been working from home for a while now and most of you kids have been at home for the longest time!

Some of you swore by these!!


Everyone’s downloading TikTok now just to take part in one challenge or the other. The app is used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos and several people are on it including celebrities! It’s actually cute what the celebs are doing there.

Live Jive

Live Jive is a show on Instagram here your favourite celebrities take over the Kuulpeeps Instagram (@Kuulpeeps) and vibe with people. It happens every Thursday at 7pm and those who joined last week can tell you for a fact that Joey B really killed it and even sampled a new song with RJZ and oh…lots of celebs passed through!


Triller is where all the dope dance videos are coming from. Most dance challenges are shot on the app because it’s got a thousand and one songs built-in that you can use and…it’s fun!!!!!

Quarantine Kitchen

This is run by the celebrated chef, Biishville. Every day, on his @Privatechefcompany account, he teaches quick and easy meals you can prepare that will definitely make the lockdown less unbearable because let’s face it…being home all the time means you will be eating a lot and Lord knows you are already tired of the rice and fufu every day.

YouTube Shows

YouTube has a lot of dope content that spans from short movies you can watch for free, web series and well as funny shows. Of course, we’d recommend Kuulpeeps’ YouTube. We’ve got some really fun content that will help you kill time and we promise, this is not an ad!

Don’t die of boredom!!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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