This Is Why You Should Have Arguments At Work

At the office, most of us have an instinct to avoid conflict. We are inclined to be passive in order to avoid disagreements. This results in us staying quiet when our opinions differ, or not challenging ideas that we see from a different perspective. Sometimes, we even choose not to interact with others altogether. Avoiding conflicts and arguments seems like the more intuitive thing to do. However, when you take away an argument’s emotional charge, there are certain benefits that come from having conflicts in the workplace.

There Is A Positive Creative Friction

Ideas on paper and in our heads always seem like they have no flaws. However, you’ll come to realize that all ideas have so many flaws when you reach the execution stage. When someone at work doesn’t agree with an idea that you have, you should find out why instead of being defensive. This creative friction, the disagreements about how things will go, will lead to a better quality of output for your whole unit.

You Have Opportunities To Grow

Conflicts also create learning opportunities for you to grow. Through the process of assimilating various different, and sometimes uncomfortable, points of view you will build on yourself. You will learn to see things through in the ways that the people around you do. And this can only happen if you openly voice out and resolve your differences of opinion.

You Will Have A Higher Overall Level Of Job Satisfaction

A major thing that affects a person’s job satisfaction is a lack of control. When we feel that we don’t have any control over our work environment or the projects that we work on, it can have an emotional toll. Through healthy arguments, we get to express our thoughts and our way of seeing things. In the end, we come to understand the flaws in our line of thinking, instead of feeling like our input is being dismissed.

It Creates An Inclusive Work Environment

When everyone is free to speak their minds, without the fear that comes with challenging their coworkers, the working environment becomes more inclusive. Differences in points of view are normalized and everyone feels more comfortable speaking up. It’s an inclusive environment because you know that you can argue your case in a healthy way.

It Improves Relationships

Relationships without conflict are actually more fragile. People walk on eggshells around each other without ever truly speaking their minds. When conflicts are allowed to come up naturally and handled without emotions flaring up, people begin to understand each other better.

Human interaction is actually very helpful for nurturing good ideas and being truly innovative as a unit. Conflict is just a natural part of the process. You should focus on having healthy conflicts, rather than avoiding them.


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