So You Lost Your Temper At Work. Here Is What You Should Do

There are some people that always bury the things they want to say. They do this because they want to avoid any form of conflict. It’s not a good idea though. When you suppress the way that you actually feel about things, you are setting yourself up to blow up. Losing your temper at work may cause your coworkers to see you as unstable. Here is what you should do after an incident at work where you lost your temper.


It’s tempting to just hide in your workspace and wait for things to go back to normal. That will happen if enough time passes. However, it will also speak to your character. If you are actually interested in making amends after you lost your cool, you should make an apology. Apologize if you made any rude remarks, and apologize for your tone. A sincere apology doesn’t shift blame onto the person being apologized to or highlight their role in causing what happened. At work, you should have a certain level of control over your emotions. That’s what is expected of a professional. If you lost your temper, you should want to smooth things over.

Express Gratitude

After you get into it with someone, and you’re trying to make amends, express some appreciation for the person. The point is to make them realize that you don’t take them for granted. Let them know that you appreciate how they handled your outburst. We’re all human. If you’re sincere in your efforts, it is unlikely that anyone will hold on to a grudge.

Listen This Time

There’s something that caused you to lose your temper. Invite the other person to have a conversation about what that is. Just because you are ready to get past the argument doesn’t mean that the other person necessarily is. They might still be holding on to the things that they had to say. Offer to have an actual discussion and make them feel heard. There’s no cure to people’s differences. However, how we handle those differences actually does matter. It’s also what defines our relationships.

You want to try as much as possible not to have aggressive bursts around the office. If you do though, then you should take measures in order to mitigate the fallout as much as possible.


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