President Akufo-Addo’s Lockdown Announcement Fabric Had A Message

President Akufo Addo, last Friday announced a partial lockdown of parts of the country.

Greater Accra and the Ashanti regions are mostly affected by this lockdown.

This, the president said, would help fight the spread of coronavirus in the country.

While this was no ordinary announcement from the President, he made sure we knew where his heart was when he announced the lockdown and the directives that would go with it.

His particular choice of fabric sent a subtle yet emotional message to Ghanaians.

He wore an African print fabric called ‘anisuo’ in the Twi Language. It means teardrop in the English Language.

This is how the president, chose to show his emotion to his fellow Ghanaians at such a time.

As President, his speech must be reassuring and resolute, but his choice of fabric – which would not be a coincidence, is his way of let us peep into his heart what he feels about the situation.

This is not the first time the president has used his choice of clothing to send a subtle message to Ghanaians during this coronavirus pandemic.

When the President announced a complete shut down of the country’s territorial borders on March 21, he wore a fabric printed with the Adinkra symbol called ‘ani bre a enso gya’. The symbol symbolizes self-control, discipline and patience.

In a very verbatim type of translation of the Twi name, it means “red eyes can’t spark flames” or better put “no matter how aggressive the eyes become, it can’t spark a fire”.



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