If She Doesn’t Do These 5 Things For You, Let Her Go

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We are gradually becoming a society, comfortable with men doing all the buying and romance in relationships. Most women do not want to do their part when it comes to the spoiling and support because for some reason, in their heads, it’s the man’s job.

Even when other women do this, they are ridiculed by their fellow women because of the notion that “men are trash” and despite all you do, they’ll leave you for someone else so why bother.

Relationships should be a hand go-hand come situation. Both parties need to play their part in order for them to be content and happy.

Guys, if your girl doesn’t do these things, she’s definitely not ready for a functional relationship with you. Let her go!

  1. She doesn’t give you peace of mind
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Whhhyy do you have to feel stressed ALWAYS in your relationship? Your relationship should be that safe haven for you. When the whole world wants to stress and kill you, your relationship should be that one place you know you can come to for peace of mind. You should be able to talk through things with your partner and at the end, feel better about life, not worse.

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