Ghana Based Chinese Company To Lockdown Workers On Its Premises

A Chinese tile manufacturing company in the Western Region has announced an indefinite lockdown of its employees to protect them against the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Ghana and “minimize transmission risk”.

It said on Saturday that “all access/gates” to the company premises will be locked from Monday, when parts of Ghana are expected to begin a partial lockdown to stop the spread of the virus in the country.

Effective 5:00 p.m. Monday, the company said the workers will be housed in a dormitory on its premises, indicating “groceries and food vendors will be available on Keda premises to serve the needs of staff”

Workers will have to seek prior approval from the company’s managing director to be able to leave the premises once the lockdown takes effect, a management decision contained in a March 28 memo to staff stated.

Although the company, Keda Ghana Ceramics Limited which produces Twyford tiles in Ghana, claimed that the lockdown is voluntary, it has warned that any worker who leaves the company’s premises during the lockdown period will not be allowed back.

“Please note, staff who want to leave the premises during the period will have to seek the approval of the managing director. However, any staff who leaves the premises during the lockdown would not be allowed back,” the memo warned.

The management decision has created confusion in the minds of some of the workers who say the decision is a subtle move by the Chinese company to enslave them under the guise of protecting workers.

For those workers, much clarity is needed on the decision.

But the company has asked the workers “not to panic and should avoid [and also to] dispel rumours”

“We are together and will overcome [the] current challenge facing the county,” management of the production company indicated in the memo.

Source: 3news

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