6 Jobs That May Not Exist in 10 Years

The way that we interact with the world is changing as new applications for technology are found. While these new applications and new inventions are exciting, they also have an effect on people’s jobs. Change is a good thing, usually. Services become more accessible and our quality of life even goes up. Here are some of the jobs that may not exist in 10 years as society progresses into unchartered territory.


This may sound absurd initially, but yes, in ten years a pilot’s job may be redundant. As it is now, pilots handle the most complex bits of a flight. They handle the takeoff and the landing, but most of the flight happens on autopilot. In addition to this, aircraft are now being developed that should be able to independently get from one place to another. An example is an aircraft in development at Boeing. The autonomous aircraft is estimated to be ready for market in 4 years. Yes, we will have trust issues. The thing is, we are actually quick to trust technology in our lives.

Taxi Driver

The taxi driver occupation saw a negative surge with the emergence of ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps. The impact was so significant that in some countries, taxi drivers went on demonstrations. However, as we have come to see Uber, Bolt, Yango and all the others are here to stay. Taxi drivers have already been affected as a result. In 10 years time, it’s difficult to imagine the profession bouncing back.

Social Media Manager

These days we have social media experts who manage accounts for brands and businesses that are trying to go. The thing is, the generations of children that are coming up now, were born into the age of social media. They will it up as part of the natural things growing children learn. As a result, specialists in this field will not be as necessary. You might have heard of how Little Nas X started his career. It was through a social media push of his song ‘Old Town Road’.


Cashiers might also not exist in 10 years. Although they aren’t quite as pronounced here, more developed countries have self-checkout machines. These are just screens that allow shoppers to control their own checkout process. In addition to this, we have Jumia, Kikuu, and a whole other host of people on social media that will get what you want delivered to you. Even groceries. It’s difficult to imagine cashiers being as prevalent in 10 years time.


Referees have, in recent years, seen the incorporation of technology into how their duties are carried out. For example, in Football, goal-line technology is used to make perfect calls instead of relying on human judgement. Technology also helps referees with offside calls. With AI and machines being able to make better technical calls, the profession will see a decline as we learn better ways to integrate technology into sports. Realistically, if referees are around in 10 years, it will be for cosmetic reasons.

Factory Worker

Factory workers are already being replaced by machines in some parts of the world. Automation means that the jobs that would be done by so many people, who would all have to be paid, can now be done by machines with little supervision.

If you’re looking to make a long-term commitment to one of these fields, you might want to do some research. Just make sure that you have some long-term job security.


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