Do’s And Don’t For The Office Group Chat While You Remote Work

In more structured companies, formal lines of communication are the only form of communication available to employees. These are email, phone calls and such. However, with the incidence of remote working all over the place, it has become necessary to add instant messaging platforms to our means of communication. Company group chats are different from family group chats and the group chats that we have with our friends. Here are some tips to follow for good etiquette in the company group chat.


This doesn’t mean that you need to camp out in the group chat and reply to every single message that comes through. However, you also should not only read messages without ever sending anything back. There’s a reason that you were added to the group chat, so go ahead and participate. It is also rude to not respond when you’re addressed, even if it is not directly.

Send Complete Thoughts As A Single Message

When you’re texting friends, you can send consecutive streams of messages out of excitement. However, in a group chat, you need to remember that every time that you send a message a lot of people get notifications. It is best, therefore, to organize your thoughts into a single text before you hit send. This also puts all the information in one place in case someone needs to bookmark it for later.

Don’t Start A Conversation Late At Night

It’s a work group chat. Whenever you are sending a message, you have to be aware of the time that you are sending that message. Sending messages late at night means that some people might not be able to participate in whatever conversation that you spark. Depending on the situation, it can also come off as inconsiderate.

Don’t Be Too Emotive

In a company group chat, you need to be measured in your use of emojis and gifs. You are usually in these groups with your bosses and other superiors. You do not want to come off too informal. Don’t over-emote.

Be Polite

Every professional environment requires an amount of courtesy, even the company group chat. You need to be polite in your interactions in a group chat. In the end, it’s still a chat for work purposes, and you need to act with the formality that work commands.

You Don’t Have To Use The Group Chat For Everything

Some resources are better sent by email. You don’t have to force the work group chat to be the go-to platform for everything. If you need to send some documents to certain members of the chat, you can do so through the mail. This makes it easier for them to find those files in the future when they need to.

Remote working requires constant communication between members of the company. WhatsApp group chats have various uses, but most of the time they’re informal. With a company group chat you have to be a little more conscientious.


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