Coronavirus: Nigerian Comedian Sydney Talker Asks To Be Tested After Showing Symptoms

Nigerian social media comedian, Sydney Talker has cried out to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to test him for a possible coronavirus infection.

The request from the comedian comes after he revealed that he is showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus and needs to be tested.

Earlier, a video had gone viral of Sydney Talker trying to alert the NCDC of his critical condition but the NCDC via it’s Twitter page revealed it was a skit.

According to a tweet by the NCDC, they reached out Sydney who was said to be very sick but he has responded saying he is well.

The tweet reads: “We received several messages & calls, over an Instagram video. The individual was said to be very sick & reported that NCDC did not respond.”

“We have reached out to him and he said what he did was a SKIT. He is well.”

The NCDC concluded by urging people not to spread panic.

In response to the tweet, the comedian refuted the NCDC’s claim that he is well.

He wrote: “What kind of lie is this??? you didn’t reach out to me and I wasn’t doing a skit. Please all I want is to be tested because the symptoms get worse by the day.”

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