5 Ways To Come Up With Ideas And Topics For Your YouTube Channel

Being a creator on YouTube can be hard. Some people reduce the frequency of putting out videos until eventually, they just stop. As a YouTube creator, you need to have a near-constant stream of compelling ideas and content that will keep your viewers engaged. Here are some ways you that you can continue to get good content ideas for your channel.

Use YouTube Search

The thing about new YouTubers is that they make a certain type of content. Usually, that type of content has trouble getting views. The type of content that I’m talking about, is content that has been done. There are so many videos on the topics that they pick that theirs just gets buried in the numbers. Use YouTube search to help when you’re thinking of ideas for videos. You can do this by typing your topic into YouTube’s search bar. When you do this you see how many people have already done something similar. You also see variations of that topic. If there are too many videos on a topic, scrap the idea. Unless of course, you think that you have some novel twist that is wildly different.

Use YouTube Autocomplete

If you’re just stumped and you’re blocked from any new ideas, YouTube’s autocomplete can help you out. You know how sometimes you start typing into the search bar, and YouTube gives you all of these recommendations? Yes, you can use that to generate ideas. Type keywords into the search bar and see what suggestions come up. The suggestions are not videos that people have put up. They are the things that people have searched for. So, it’s literally what people want to see.

Use Your Competitor’s Comment Section

YouTube comment’s sections aren’t just a place for the most random jokes that will down you. They are also a place where people ask for content. A place where people make suggestions in order to improve the channels that they like. If you’re just starting out, you might not be getting a lot of engagement in your own comment section. Don’t let that stop you. Go through the channels that you are trying to be like, the channels that make the type of content that you want to make. Go through their comments sections, and see the things that people are suggesting that they do. These can help improve your own channel.

Join Communities and Forums

You can also join interest groups on the internet. These days you can literally follow hashtags. So go ahead, follow some. See the conversations that people are having in your area of interest. You can also get some community apps like Reddit and Amino. Honestly, Reddit as a community for everything that you can think of. If it doesn’t, just create it. A quick google search of your area of interest and Reddit will help you find communities. For example, type in ‘Sports Analysis On Reddit’ into Google and you will find a community or two.

Ask Your Audience Directly

Even if you’re just starting out, and you are not getting that many views, you have an audience. It’s not just your subscribers. It is also the people that follow you on your social media. It is also your friends and loved ones who support your content. Ask for their input, and you can luck into some really great ideas. Or even the direction that you want to take your channel in.

Hopefully, this will help you to come up with some great content ideas for your channel. Keep creating. And remember, it’s isolation season. Everyone is just waiting for you to give them great content to watch.


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