4 Simple Beauty Tips To Keep You Safe From Coronavirus

For about 4 months, we have seen the world thrown into a frenzy because of the coronavirus.

Does that mean we cannot visit the salon? Does that mean we can’t fix our hair or nails?

Does it mean we should go around our neighbourhood looking homeless??

If you’re not on lockdown and your favourite beauty salon is open, you can go ahead and get whatever you want WITH these tips. You can also decide to care for yourself at home too. Remember, Coronavirus is real (in Cardi B’s voice).

  1. Let them sterilize all their tools in front of you
Image result for sterilizing salon tools

Whether you’re cutting your hair or waxing or fixing your nails or even washing your hair, it is imperative that they wash and sterilise their tools INFRONT of you so you can see what they’re doing and if they miss a spot, you can alert them.

Let the nail technician do your manicure with gloves on and use a single-use nail file and buffer.

No, you’re not being dramatic. It is a precautionary measure so you don’t catch anything from the salon.

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