21-Year-Old Who Bragged About Not Social Distancing Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Many young people are taking a carefree approach to the coronavirus pandemic, but one 21-year-old in Nashville learned the hard way after she was diagnosed with the disease.

Just days after bragging about not taking the pandemic seriously, Ireland Tate tested positive.

On her social media account, Tate reportedly joked about not staying home and ignoring pleas to practice social distancing, according to WZTV.

The Nashville resident told her followers that she was aware of government orders, but she wasn’t concerned one bit.

“Cool. I get it. I just don’t think that I’m going to get the virus,” she said, admitting she wasn’t doing her part to flatten the curve.

She quickly changed her mind when she began to exhibit symptoms associated with the virus that worsened rapidly.

“It feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times,” she said after testing positive.

“It’s really hard to breathe. I’ve coughed until my throat has bled,” she added.

Tate believes she got sick from someone in her friend group when they ignored the calls for social distancing and met up at a friends house before going out in public.

It has become increasingly common for young adults to think they’re invincible.

Tate is now warning others about the severity of the situation and urging them to stay home because it could be deadly to the ones they care about.

“While it may not be affecting you, you could be affecting someone’s grandma or grandpa or aunt or uncle or sister,” she told the publication.

source: wcco

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