What To Do If Your Ex Is Better Than Your Current Partner In Bed

Rules To Follow When Taking A Break In Your Relationship

It’s such a shame that attraction and devotion do not necessarily go hand in hand, especially in this situation.

You might get a partner who is absolutely devoted to you and you to him but the attraction and sexual chemistry might just not be there.

You might even start comparing the skills and sexual mastery of your ex with your current boyfriend and it’s quite an uncomfortable thing to have to go through.

Thankfully, sex is something that can change, especially if the parties involved are motivated to change.

There are a number of things you should try to do once you notice this problem.

  1. Communicate
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It might be one of the hardest things you would have to do especially if you’ve been faking having an orgasm or enjoying the sex for a long time but it needs to be said. Don’t go saying what they did wrong though. Tell them what you actually want them to do to you.

You’re ideally supposed to even have this conversation before the relationship starts or immediately after your first sexual encounter with your partner. Let them know what makes you tick. What you don’t like. What you like.

In all of this too, you need to listen to them. There’s probably a reason why they do it the way they do. It should all be done lovingly. Don’t raise your voice and don’t insult.

You’re 2 different people trying to work together to give each other the pleasure you deserve so there will definitely be some hiccups here and there but so far as you both are willing to learn, you would overcome it.

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