Remote Work And Happiness. Here Is How To Create The Ideal Work Environment

As Coronavirus containment measures are put in place, more and more of us find ourselves working from home. That sounds great initially, but it can also be a difficult thing to manage after the initial excitement dies down. After you realize that your new reality doesn’t actually equate to a paid leave. The difference between working from the office and working from home is that you have complete control over your work environment with the latter. Here are some tips to get the most out of your work from home lifestyle.

Customize Your Workspace

You are the master of your destiny. It’s not that deep, but you do have control over where you work. If you’re going to be spending hours every day at your desk, you want to make sure that it feels good to be behind it.

Simply tidying up your desk can make a world of difference for your concentration. After that, why not make your workspace a little more exciting? Get some artwork that you love and hang it in your workspace. There are so many Ghanaian artists who are selling work on Instagram and Twitter. You can also arrange photos of your loved ones if you’re the sentimental type.

Get Some Sunlight

If your home has a porch or some outdoor space where you can set up your work station, it’s a good idea to go out for some Vitamin D. Constantly sitting in behind a desk in your room every day can begin to feel monotonous. And it’s not exactly like you can get up and just go places when you need to breathe.

Setting up outside is a good way to refresh yourself by being in a relatively different environment; one with some sun. If you don’t have an outdoor space that you can use, play some nature sounds or put on a nature video on YouTube.

Create Fun Non-Work Habits

It can be difficult to draw the line between working hours and you time when you’re working from home. It’s a good idea not to jump into work as soon as you’re up. That can lead to you losing your identity a little bit. Instead, try to get as much separation between you and work as possible.

Find some activities that you like, and do those before or after your workday just to give you little doses of personal fulfilment in between the moments when you’re working. You can read a chapter of a book, draw if that’s your thing, or even check your socials to start your day.

Just Take Care Of Yourself

Working from home also comes with opportunities for self-care that you wouldn’t get at work. You can get up when your butt starts to feel sore and just walk around, stretch a bit. You can take showers whenever. I don’t think your boss would mind. Whenever you’re doing a task that doesn’t require too much concentration, you can play some dancing music. Just do things that make you happy. There really are no restrictions on you.

Also, make time during the day to talk to the people you love. Call that person that makes you laugh. Call your parents and loved ones. Data costs are down right now (if you use Vodafone, I don’t know about the other networks). You can even be on video chat with a friend while you work. Company during these times is never a bad idea.

For some of us, it’s more of an adjustment than others. At the end of the day, you need to find what works for you. Remote working is fun. Enjoy it.


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