Don’t Let Your Shyness Interfere With Work. 7 Tips To Follow

There is nothing inherently wrong with being shy. The bad thing is letting your shyness getting in the way of doing your work. You shouldn’t let it affect how you carry out your functions. It also shouldn’t be the reason why you’re unable to speak up when you’re assigned uncomfortable assignments. Here are some tips to prevent your shyness from affecting your work.

Act With Confidence

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Fake it till you make it’? Well, if you’re shy then when you are at work is the perfect time to put it into practice. Don’t assume submissive positions when you are feeling shy at work. Instead, be confident both in your body language and behaviours. It’s not a switch that you can just flip. You need to consciously force yourself to be confident even in office situations that challenge you. The more you do it, the more natural your confidence becomes.

Engage With People

When you’re shy you have the overwhelming urge to just stay away from people. There’s the fact that the people that you work with are actually nicer than you might think. And then there’s also the fact that engaging with people at work will help you build relationships with them. In the long run, you will end up more comfortable in your work environment.

Talk to your coworkers whenever you get the chance. Ask for suggestions on your work, ask about their personal lives and get to know them. Being in a queue together, walking somewhere together or even being in the elevator together is always an opportunity for engagement.

Focus On What You Have To Say

One of the best ways to overcome shyness at work is to keep talking. You can start talking to people individually in order to build up the confidence to talk to a group. Don’t focus on how you feel about addressing people. Instead, focus on what exactly it is that needs to be addressed. Focus on the issue at hand and what your ideal resolution would be.

Don’t Be Self Judgemental

This is a tough one, but it is necessary. When you notice that you’re being shy, it can be natural to start blaming yourself for feeling that way. You have to make a conscious effort not to do this. When you judge yourself for being shy, you invalidate the need for those feelings. It’s natural to be shy. Don’t judge yourself for it. Instead, focus on what functions at work that your shyness impedes. Find creative ways to overcome those problems, and push yourself to be more confident if that is what the situation demands.

Know Your Strengths

Shyness is usually associated with a general lack of confidence. That’s not the case though. You have your strengths. They are just more difficult to tap into when you’re in social situations. A good idea is to actually identify your strengths. That way, no matter the situation that you find yourself in, you know that there are things that you definitely can tackle even if you’re feeling shy.

Avoid The Label

When you run into problems in your workplace, don’t just say it’s because you’re shy and leave it at that. Break down your problems into the particular faults. Stay away from the shy label. Did your shyness prevent you from speaking during a meeting? That’s what you should focus on addressing, because like I said there’s no off switch for shyness. And there shouldn’t have to be.

Don’t Let A Bad Moment Ruin Your Day

When you’re a shy person, there are going to be situations where you feel like you didn’t do as much as you could have because you were shy. There can be things that go wrong on a project that you saw coming. You didn’t speak up and those things actually went wrong. It’s natural to feel bad, but don’t wallow in that feeling. Don’t let the worst moments define how your day is going to go.

Your shyness isn’t inherently a flaw. It’s a social defence mechanism that is trying to keep people from seeing your flaws. You need to understand that nobody is perfect, and your flaws don’t define. You have so much more to offer, try to learn what that is.


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