6 Topics You Really Shouldn’t Be Talking About At Work

Most of the hours in our weeks are spent at work. As a result, it is for bonds to form between coworkers. While that in itself is not a bad thing, it also means we can become comfortable talking about things that should have no place being talked about in the office. These are the topics you definitelely should stay away from at work.

Your Sex Life

If you’re constantly talking to your coworkers about your sex life, it is problematic. Conversations about sex at the workplace can be uncomfortable. Depending on the professional dynamic between you and the person you are having this talk with, it can even be grounds for a harassment charge. These conversations will make your coworkers squirm and also harms your reputation with them more than you can imagine.

Your Health Problems

Your physical and mental health problems are definitely not things that you should be ashamed of. However, they are not things that you necessarily have to discuss at work. In the spirit of transparency, you may want to disclose your condition. However, when you go in-depth about the details of whatever it is that you’re facing, you give people a reason to find faults with your work.

Problems At Home

It can be difficult to focus on work when you have problems with your partner or your family. You might even feel that discussing those problems will help you feel better about them. The truth is, when you discuss these problems with your coworkers, they begin to question your ability to do your job. They might attribute any flaws in your work to the fact that you have personal issues on your mind. If your issues are going to have a significant effect on your functioning at work, tell your boss. Even in that case, it should be a very private conversation.

Your Views On Religion

Ironically, religion is a very divisive issue in most environments. This happens because our communities are made up of people who belong to different religions. In addition we also have people who belong to the same religion but have different opinions on doctrines. When it comes to religion, there are just so many opportunities for disagreement. The stakes tend to be high when people’s beliefs are challenged.


Talking about politics invites more times than not, a number of diverging views. NPP vs NDC by people who are passionately partisan will never not turn into a heated argument. It is just not a safe topic to discuss in the workplace.

Your Career Aspirations

It is not a bad thing to have ambition. However, when you talk about your career plans and where you want to find yourself next, you will make your boss question your loyalty. Not to mention, you will rub your coworkers the wrong way.

It doesn’t hurt to give a little consideration to the topics that you discuss at work. It will be better for your relationships and the future of your career.


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