6 Behaviours Outside Of Work That Can Get You Into Trouble

Okay, so you’re very careful not to partake in any bad behaviour at work. You’re the perfect employee. That should be all that matters, right? No, not really. The things that you do outside of the office also reflect on you as an employee and on the company that you work for. These behaviours will get you into trouble at work even if they don’t happen at the office.

Don’t Share R-Rated Things On Your Social Media

I don’t know when it became a thing snitch on yourself for clout. Still, these days people post pictures of themselves intoxicated on various substances. You don’t want your boss to see a video of you drunk and doing something stupid. You don’t want them to see you with drugs that are very very much illegal. You should have the freedom to post those semi-nudes if you want to, but it will make an impression on your boss and any potential employers.

Don’t Share Your Boss’ Secrets

In the corporate world, disloyalty is something that is greatly frowned upon. I mean, even in our personal lives nobody likes to feel betrayed by the people that they trust. If your boss trusts you enough to open up about their personal life, it’s just common human decency to not betray that trust. Additionally, you shouldn’t disclose things that would be considered ‘company secrets’. If you’re found it just doesn’t look good and it sours your relationship going forward.

Don’t Badmouth Your Colleagues Or Clients

Talking about people behind their backs can come back to bite you in the ass. It also ruins whatever relationship that you may have with those people. Refrain from bad-mouthing people that you work with. If you need to vent, make sure that it is in private, to your family and friends that are unrelated to your work.

Don’t Work For The Competition

Don’t do work for other companies that are in the same industry as yours. First of all, you sign a contract when you’re employed. There’s usually a non-compete stipulation that prevents you from working for competitors. Working for other companies could be violating the terms of your employment. If you are certain that you are not legally prohibited from working outside, you should still clear it with your boss before you do.

Don’t Get Drunk At Work Events

Sometimes, you go to fun work events. These could be company networking events. They could even be organized to create opportunities for socialization. There’s usually alcohol at these type of events. It’s okay for you to take a drink and socialize, but you do not want to get drunk. When you let that happen you could do or say some things that you will regret in the morning. No one actually creates a good impression when they’re drunk.

Don’t Harass Your Coworkers

It’s a good thing to be friendly with your coworkers. You don’t want to invade their space though. If you coworker is obviously bothered by your behaviour, both in person and over social media, you might want to give them some space. A worst-case scenario could see you being accused of harassment.

What you do outside of the office can have an effect on your reputation and on your relationships. It’s a good idea to moderate your own behaviour and make sure that you’re not jeopardizing your job.


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