These Are The Things You Need To Do Before You Ask For A Raise At Work

The one thing that most workers have in common is that at one point or another, we want a raise. The conversation where we ask for one can be uncomfortable. As a result, some people just end up not asking at all. Whatever your reason is for wanting a raise is, these are some tips you should follow in order to increase your chances of actually getting it. If you’re not confident enough to ask for one, this article should help you get some perspective on the right way to ask for a raise.

It Is Normal To Want More Money

Wherever you work, there should be a general understanding that you are working for money. Even if you love your job, you are working for money. Know that your boss understands this fact as well. Additionally, you are not the first person ever to ask for a raise. This is a thing that happens. You are not going to offend anyone by asking for a raise if you feel that you deserve one.

How Are You Performing?

How you are performing at work is also something that you should consider before asking for a raise. If your boss is not too happy with how you’re performing or has been correcting your mistakes constantly, it might rub them the wrong way when you ask for a raise. You will come off as out of touch with the reality of your performance. It is a good idea to ask your boss for an appraisal of your performance ahead of time. You can ask them to give you an assessment of how you’re doing. Also, ask for their suggestions on how you can be better. If you’ve implemented these suggestions by the time you’re asking for a raise, you will be on better footing.

Timing Matters

Your boss is a person, just like you. You need to understand that they also have moods. Your boss can have bad days too. You need to be emotionally intelligent when you’re asking for a raise. Don’t approach them when it seems like there is a lot of pressure on them and they are constantly jumping around putting out one fire after another. Speaking of timing, it is a good idea to ask for your raise when you’re on a good streak at work. You should capitalize on the energy that comes with your big accomplishments.

Do Some Research On How Much You’re Worth

If you’re asking for a raise, you should have some context. What is the competitive salary in the field that you are in? How does your salary compare to what others in the same position are getting? If you find out that you are earning less, you can put together the data on your findings to use when you make your request. Emphasis on data. Not word of mouth. If you find out that you are earning more than others in the same position, reconsider your request for a raise.

The only way to truly know is to do some research. Talk to people. And don’t trust salary websites all the time. Job descriptions for the same role may differ from place to place, and salary websites will give you an idea of the salary. However, this might differ greatly from the reality.

What To Focus On During The Talk

During the actual talk where you ask for a raise, outline the reasons why you should get one. If you have taken on new roles since your last salary talk, highlight those roles. Talk about your new responsibilities and how you have performed in the. You should also focus on your performance. If you’ve been killing it, tell your boss that with facts. Show them the results that you’ve accomplished. Be specific. You also want to highlight your big achievements at work.

Don’t Focus On Your Personal Finances

So, your rent went up. You moved into a new place or the person that you’re dating just moved in with you. These are not the things that you want to bring up during a formal discussion about an increase in your salary. Instead, focus on why your work merits an increase in pay. Focus on the value that you are bringing to your employer.

Have A Figure In Mind

If you’ve done your research on the competitive salary in your position, you can have a figure in mind. You can be specific with your request by asking for your raise to be to a specific amount. You might be asked by your boss during your request. Try to make sure that the amount that you ask for is also right in the context of your company.

How To Handle A ‘No’ Or A ‘Maybe’

There might be a lot of reasons why you don’t get a ‘yes’ on the spot. If your boss gives you a ‘maybe’ or defers a direct answer, ask for a follow-up. Ask them if you can check in again at a specific time. If the answer is a ‘no’ ask your boss what you can do in your role in order to get a ‘yes’. Maybe there are areas that you can improve upon in your work or even your office relationships.

Money conversations are uncomfortable in general. However, if you feel that you deserve a raise, there shouldn’t be a reason not to ask. Go for it. Just don’t be oblivious.


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