President Akufo Addo Commutes Sentences Of 7 Death Roll Inmates And Releases 797 Other Prisoners

Ghana Prisons Arrested
Ghana Prison

President Akufo Addo is giving some families reasons to smile while everyone is on the edge of their seats worried about coronavirus.

In a letter released by the Ghana Prisons Service, it said President Akufo Addo has released 797 prisoners and commuted the sentences of 7 death roll inmates, also another group of four inmates have had their sentences reduced.

The inmates who are going to be freed are 783 first time offenders, 11 seriously ill prisoners and three very old prisoners (70 years and above).

This amnesty comes when other countries such as Ethiopia are releasing prisoners to decongest their prisons as coronavirus affects many in those countries.

Ghana currently has 132 confirmed cases and it is not clear whether this amnesty from the President is linked to decongesting our prisons because of coronavirus or it is a mere coincidence.

See the full letter below:


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