Ministry of Communication To Block Prank Calls To 112 Emergency Line

Ursula Owusu, Communications Minister

As part of measures to enhance the effectiveness of Ghana’s emergency system, the Ministry of Communication will block all prank calls to the 112 emergency line.

According to a statement released by the ministry, the 112 emergency line has being hampered by the incessant prank calling of some unscrupulous callers.

The ministry revealed that between 28th January 2020 – 16th March 2020, the 112 emergency centre recorded a total of 1,902,926. Out of this number, 1,887,125 were prank calls with only 15,701 being real emergency-related calls, meaning 99.16% of the cases within that period were prank calls.

The Ministry of Communication, however, informed that all prank calls will be blocked from 27th Match 2020.

The ministry also advised the public uo desist from such an act.

Below is a copy of the statement:



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