Lancaster: Meet Papa Kofi Yirrah, The Future Economist Who Loves To Draw Portraits.

I only started actively sharing my art on Instagram at the beginning of last year and already I have seen the improvement it has brought to my art. (oh yeah you can follow me on Instagram )

For one thing, it has exposed me to so many amazing artists from all around the world but also right here in Ghana. I feel as though connecting with fellow artists helps me to constantly re-evaluate what I think is possible. It pushes me to produce my best and I enjoy the challenge.

Social media has also increased my visibility online and creates opportunities for me to make money with my art. Last year I created the Kanye painting which got a lot of engagement on Twitter.

A few days later I got a message from a music artist who expressed his desire for me to design the cover art for an album he’s releasing later this year. There are many others like him who I’ve been able to connect with. I don’t think it would have been possible without social media.


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