Here’s What Some Ghanaians Are Saying About The Call For A Lockdown

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Due to the rampant and daily rise of coronavirus cases in Ghana, many citizens are calling for a lockdown. Ghana has so far recorded 68 cases and 3 deaths.

The Government is putting measures in place to curb the spread of the disease and has placed a ban on all public gatherings and has also advised for strict observance of social distancing.

However, some Ghanaians think the measure put in place by the government is not enough to prevent the situation from escalating, hence the call for a lockdown.

On Tuesday [March 25, 2020], the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) in a statement called for a nationwide lockdown as a solution to avoid the escalation the pandemic in the country.

This move by GMA coupled with previous discussions by some experts on the issue has generated a lot of talk on social media, about whether or not the President should declare a nationwide lockdown.

There are those who are heavily in favour of a lockdown:

Some also think a partial lockdown is the best.

However, the majority of Ghanaians on Twitter are against a lockdown for many reasons. Here’s why these people are not in favour of a lockdown:

And there are those who think a curfew will be a better option for the situation.

What do you also make of this discussion? Should our leaders consider a lockdown?


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