Can Ghanaian Markets Implement This Social Distancing Mechanism?

Coronavirus is here in Ghana and its risk to the general public has been well noted.

That is why last Monday, the Ministry of Local Government shutdown markets in Accra to disinfect it.

That is also the reason why this Friday, a similar exercise will be carried out in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region.

Besides washing our hands regularly and generally practicing a heightened form of personal hygiene, another remedy health experts have prescribed to curb the spread of coronavirus is social distancing.

This includes staying at home, avoiding crowded areas and being at least two meters apart from people in the public.

Considering how overcrowded our markets often are, it would be a crucial place to focus on to effectively implement this social distancing mechanism.

Markets in parts of Asia have implemented this social distancing mechanism.

They have clearly demarcated where queues should be formed and the distance between the buyer and seller.

See photos below:

The question again, can we do it in Ghana?

Obviously, this helps greatly.


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