12 Things We All Took For Granted Before The Coronavirus Outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak, lots of us are home self isolating and those of us who still need to go to work are taking all the necessary precautions when going, while we’re there and when we return.

The pandemic has several countries on lockdown and it really makes you think… 

Suddenly we are all missing and craving the most normal and basic things that we took for granted because they were always a given!

Hugs from friends and family.

Handshakes when ever you meet people.

Troski rides (yes, even troski rides).

Buying anything you wanted without fear.

Visiting and receiving visitors in your home.

Simply stepping out and walking back in with no worries about disinfecting door handles.

Going for lectures on campus (yeah you miss it).

Dressing up to go out to do anything.

Chilling with friends.

Buying snacks in traffic.

Going to the office every day to work.

Sneezing/coughing and not going into panic mode.

What do you find yourself missing now that you’re spending all your time indoors??

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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