Why Everyone Needs To Hear Tulenkey’s New Song On Coronavirus, “Corona”

Tulenkey is yet to give us a bad song and we stan a consistent king.

Yesterday, Tulenkey dropped a song about Corona over Bosom P Yung’s Ataa Adwoa beat and he SPOIL THERE!

We shouldn’t be surprised but Tulenkey did a whole thing with the song. 

He talked about the effects of the pandemic on EVERYONE, educated everyone on the disease, and dropped some advice…all the while maintaining social distance cos there was no one in his video. 

Tulenkey’s song deserves a thousand airplays because this is a whole package that people will enjoy and learn a lot from. It was genius that he used the Ataa Adwoa beat because everyone loves that song and can sing it word for word. 

We love that he highlighted the artistes’ struggle within this period and the fact that he asked everyone to stop pointing fingers but rather unite to fight this disease has us thinking of crowning him King.

He talked about other diseases that claimed several lives and moaned about the little things we didn’t know we’d miss this much while practicing self isolation. 

If you aren’t doing the needful: self isolating, washing your hands, using hand sanitizers and trying as much as possible not to touch your face, we hope Tulenkey convinces you to.

Listen and watch his video here:

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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