What Is Job Burnout? Here Are The Causes And Symptoms

Job burnout is such an extreme thing. One minute you’re so excited to be starting in a new position, and then the next you feel the complete opposite. You are just unable to get control of your sleeping and eating habits, you constantly feel exhausted, and your outlook on the job and life itself is just bleak. These are all signs that you’re suffering from job burnout. Here are the things that you’re doing that may be leading you to burnout.

Taking On Oversized Workloads

An adequate workload is one that is within your capacity, and one that allows opportunities for restoration after you’re finished with it. This means that when you’re done with your tasks you should be able to relax and rejuvenate yourself with some downtime. Constantly tackling workloads that push you past your limits can be problematic. Without rest, you start to feel less and less like yourself.

In order to make sure your workload doesn’t overwhelm you need to make some conscious adjustments. You need to have a plan for how you’re going to tackle whatever is thrown at you. You also have to make sure that you prioritize tasks, and delegate where you have to. This means that you should know your limits. You should also know when to say no. This can be uncomfortable, but you should have conversations with your superiors when your workload becomes too much to handle. Finally, let go of perfectionism. This will have you giving more attention to a task than you ought to.

Not Having Enough Control

Another thing that can cause job burnout is the feeling that you have no control. When you feel like you don’t have any input in decisions, it can affect you. It is not a good thing to feel like you don’t decide how resources are used, how you approach your work and feeling like you always have to be available. If you feel a lack of control you have to identify the source. After that communicate with your coworkers and superiors in order to come up with compromises that work better for you.

You Are Not Satisfied With Your Rewards

When you feel like you’re underappreciated, you can burnout on the job. It is difficult to maintain your motivations when you feel that your investment is not worth the payoff. Rewards refers to your salary and remunerations, but it isn’t just that. We also like to be rewarded with affirmations from the people that we work with. If your boss is always critical and seemingly overlooks your achievements, you should talk to them. These conversations can be difficult to have, but they are necessary for your longevity in your role.

You Feel Isolated

Not having good relationships with your coworkers can also lead to job burnout. The effects of isolation at work can add up and lead to job burnout. It’s not good to be constantly in your own space and cut off from everyone else. You will end up exaggerating your struggles, and things that could be resolved with help won’t be. Showing a genuine interest in your coworkers is a great way to ward off feeling of isolation. During your breaks off of work don’t reach for your phone. Instead, ask how someone is doing. Check up on what they’re working on.

Job burnout comes with terrible feelings of disillusionment about your job and yourself. You always feel like you have to drag yourself to work, you’re unable to concentrate and you’re cynical about the job. Make sure you watch out for the causes of burnout in your life.


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