Managing Social Media For Your Brand Has Never Been Easier. Use These Tools!

Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. You think you posted everywhere but you’re forgetting Twitter aren’t you? There are so many social media platforms these days. It becomes hard to keep track of your posts across the apps. Not even to mention keeping track of your followers and following. How do you see how well your content is performing across all of these platforms when you also have to manage the actual business that you’re promoting. You need an app. These apps will help you manage all your social media accounts. They will also help you schedule your posts and keep an overview of their performances.


Buffer is a social media publishing tool with other features. As a publishing tool, it allows you to have all your accounts in a central place and then publish posts from there. Of course, you can schedule these posts. What’s cool is, Buffer will even recommend the ideal time that a post should go up on each social network in order to maximize engagement. Buffer provides post analytics and comes with a reply feature as well. The reply feature allows you to prioritize your messages from across platforms so that you don’t lose track of anything. Buffer is free but with limited functionality. You can only schedule 10 posts on the free version. Of course, there’s a mobile app as well as a desktop version.


Later is an Instagram specific tool. However, it is a certified Instagram partner, so it’s not one to overlook. Later makes it easy to plan out and schedule Instagram content. It’s incredible that you can monitor and track hashtags. And then in addition to that, you can have multiple members of a team operating Later for some collaborative action. It also has great analytics. You’ll notice a trend with these apps. Later also starts off with a free version that has features like the collaboration not functional until you pay for the app.


Hootsuite comes with the same basic functionality of allowing you to schedule posts. It comes with the ability to do this across multiple platforms. Hootsuite allows you to create and schedule posts, but then it also allows you to schedule existing posts to be posted in the future. It’s a great tool to consider if you really want your content to make the rounds. Hootsuite has built-in project and task management features that will be great for your social media campaigns.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a beast when it comes to team projects and collaboration. You know the anthem; it allows cross-platform scheduling of posts. The thing about its collaboration is that it allows everyone involved in a campaign to participate. A central user controls the permissions that everyone has. So, everyone, from social media managers, marketing managers to the writers have access to a campaign. All of this is organized neatly in the social calendar. This calendar provides an overview of all posts that are scheduled to publish on a daily basis.


The name of the tool is Edgar but the website is Meet Edgar. Not confusing at all. Edgar is an amazing tool. Its most distinguishing feature is that it allows you to recycle your posts. By repeating the same post (Edgar will suggest up to 5 variations so people don’t keep seeing the same thing) you naturally increase engagement for it. The best part of that is, Edgar automates this process. Edgar’s biggest limitation is that it only caters to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Other than that is a tool that will definitely show results. You create categories in Edgar for your posts. So blog posts go up at a certain time, social content at another time and so on. Imagine that your queue of posts in a category goes empty. Edgar automatically schedules one of your old posts for that content type into its slot.

It can be hard to keep track of all the social media for your brand. Get a tool. Automate the processes that shouldn’t be taking your time.


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