Heavy Police Presence In Rwanda For Lockdown

Copyright: Reuters. The usually bustling border post between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo is deserted this week

There is a heavy police deployment across Rwanda to enforce the lockdown introduced on Sunday to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Those classed as key workers, such as medics, supermarket employees and journalists, are allowed to leave their homes.

During my 8km (five miles) commute from home to the office in the capital, Kigali, I go through about five police checkpoints.

On Monday, police shot dead two young men on the outskirts of the city who they said had defied the lockdown.

Police said they had tried to put up a fight with officers.

There have been reports of casual labourers, who now have no income are trying to escape Kigali to join their families in villages, walking long distances as public transport has been banned.

Source: BBC

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