Did Darkovibes Forget His Vibes On Tim Westwood’s Freestyle?

What’s up with singers going on Tim Westwood and finally deciding “This is where I forget what I’m known for and just surprise fans?”

Did y’all see Teni? She went and she was herself! She fooled around as usual and then delivered a great verse… SINGING! 

Darkovibes, one of our champions went on Tim Westwood and did not do his fans proud.

Yes, people, he went, pulled a Migos and it didn’t turn out so well.

He may have tried to go trap but cmon, you don’t go testing a new genre on Tim Westwood just because you think Freestyle means rap and you were given a hip hop beat.

Maybe our expectations were too high because name one song Darkovibes has touched that didn’t turn to gold?

We were expecting some smooth flow… the Darkovibes flow but all we got were a bunch of words thrown over a beat. 

“Chick filet, I want chick filet on a Sunday”

“Throwing parties in a pool, only girls will come yeah”

His first few lines were good till he stumbled but,

he’s the man who gave us Gin and Lime to jam to in our rooms so… we no bore.

We’ve all got opinions and some think he did amazing, others think he did not and… that’s okay.

Watch the freestyle here:

source: kuulpeeps.com

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