UENR: Things You Should Never Do At Home During This Self-Quarantine Period.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the spraying of antidotes in many cities to prevent this global pandemic, everybody is entreated to stay at home to prevent, manage and help end the COVID-19.

Peeps, we know boredom will set in and we may try certain harmful activities which may result in injuries or worse kraa death.

Check out some things you should never practice at home during and even after this period.

>>Never use a cell phone in the kitchen. This is because of the propane or butane normally in the LPG. The LPG can leak which is highly flammable and may cause explosions.

Image result for using a phone around an LPG

>>Insertion of metallic objects into sockets should be avoided. Please fam, you can get electrocuted and die.

Image result for inserting mettalic objects into a socket

>>Don’t try eating without washing your hands under running water with soap. Wash them thoroughly to prevent any virus or bacteria from entering the body.

Image result for eating without washing your hands

>>Avoid the use of insecticides in the kitchen especially when cooking and also please wait outside your rooms a while when you spray them.

Image result for avoid the use of insecticide in the kitchen\

>>Never leave a gadget functioning when not in use eg.Electric Iron, rice cookers etc.

Image result for hot iron

>>Avoid taken in pills which are not prescribed by a pharmacist or doctor. Don’t abuse drugs peeps!

Image result for dont self medicate

Although we are in a pandemic situation now try to save yourself for a better tomorrow. Let’s be safe guys! We will get through this.

source: Kuulpeeps.com

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