TTU: Self Quarantine? Here Are Fun Activities You Can Try While Staying Indoors

Hey peeps! Due to the self-isolation situation, most, if not everyone is scared and anxious about going outside.

But who says you have to go outside to have fun?

Here are some entertaining activities you can do during self-isolation

Board games (scramble, monopoly)

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Puzzles (the more the pieces the more time you spend occupied)

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Oware (take it back to the days and spend time playing a quiet game with a family member without talking)

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Ludo( due to the situation at hand, preferably 2 players)

Image result for ludo ghana

Tik Tok ( download the app and watch, like and even try out some moves in your room)

Image result for tik tok

Read that book( time to put your phone down and read an actual hardcover book)

Image result for read

Try that recipe (it’s not like you’re going anywhere so why not try cooking something new?)

Image result for try recipe

Try that DIY you have been dying to do but didn’t have time

Image result for diy

Meditate( try yoga or just tune out and relax)

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Last but not the least disconnect your technology to reconnect with God because we need Him now more than ever tbh.

Image result for pray

Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring chale but hey, don’t forget to stay safe!


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