This Is The Right Way To Create A LinkedIn Page For Your Business

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If professionalism is what you’re looking for in your online representation for your business, then LinkedIn is where you should go. LinkedIn Company pages are a way of putting your reputation on a page. It’s what you would want to show potential investors, clients and even prospective employees. It also allows other users to follow your page in order to keep up with your business.

There Is A Difference Between User Profile And Company Pages

If you are not already a LinkedIn user, here is the first place you might run into some trouble. In trying to create a company page, you might end up filling a Personal Profile with company information. You shouldn’t do this. In order to create a page, you must first be signed up to LinkedIn. So, the first step is to create a personal account with your own details. After that, click on the menu button on the right side of your profile photo. Then choose the ‘Create a Company Page’ option. Now, when someone searches for the company name, the result is a company page and not a user profile.

Keep The Company URL Simple

When you’re creating a company page, you are asked for a company name. When you type in the company name, a URL is generated for your page. You can edit this. What you want to do, is to keep it simple. Something along the lines of would be best. Very that you are the representative of this business, and then create your page.

Get A Good Banner Image And Logo

After creating your page, it is quite simple to edit. First, you want to add a banner image. Since this is a company page, and it creates a big impression of your company, you want to get a professional graphic designer to make your banner. While you’re at it, you should get definitely get a logo made as well. Remember, the dimensions of the banner are wide. It’s a rectangle. Get an appropriate image made.

Prepare An ‘About Us’ Document

You want to prepare this in another program. You can prepare your About Us document in another app like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. This way you can use a tool like Grammarly to check for correctness. After all, this is your company page. What does it say about you, if there are typos on it?

Put In Your Specialties

These are tags that people can search for. Choosing the right keywords for it will make your profile easier to find. You can increase your company page’s interaction by choosing sector appropriate keywords.

Fill In The Rest Of Your Details

Every field needs to be filled in order to publish your company page. This is why you might want to prepare your banner, and your logo, as well as relevant documents before you are actually creating your page. Fill in the other details of your businesses, including website, location and so on.

Publish Your Company Page

After filling in your company details, you are ready to publish your company page. None of the details you provide while creating your page is permanent. If you want to make changes, simply click on the menu button on the right side of your personal profile’s picture, and select the company page.

Connect Your Company Page To Your Profile

LinkedIn has a base of companies that are registered on the service. If you want to connect your profile to your company page, go to your profile and add an experience. You enter the company name (it should auto-complete because your company name is saved in LinkedIn), then enter your title and other relevant information.

Your LinkedIn Business page will act as a professional portfolio for your business. Make sure that you update it regularly and actively try to grow your connections.


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