This Is How Exercise Increases Your Productivity At Work

There’s no reason really, to be sceptical about the benefits of exercise. It has proven effects on productivity. If you’re not convinced, here’s some reading. Now let’s look at the ways in which exercise is going to make you better at your job.

Improved Alertness

When you exercise you increase blood flow to the brain. This makes you become more receptive to input. As a result, you are more prepared to tackle projects. A protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) improves your cognitive abilities. According to the American Council on Exercise, this protein is triggered by working out.

Better Energy Levels

Having more energy simply means that you will feel more awake at work. When you are faced with a task, you are able to approach it with more enthusiasm and creativity. You will perform to the best of your capabilities during the day. It can be hard to fit in a full cardio workout before work. Instead, you can fit in smaller exercises throughout your day. Walk whenever you can, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Improved Physical Health

Being in good physical shape will increase your overall productivity at work. You will reduce your risk for certain medical conditions, and you will have improved cardiovascular health. This will give you more stamina to meet the physical needs of your job.

Improved Mental Health

Exercising regularly helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression. There is a chemical that is released in the brain during exercise. It’s called Serotonin. It’s a feel-good chemical. It improves your state of mind making you more resilient to the stresses of work.

Regularly exercising also helps you to deal with stress which, let’s face it, can be abundant in the workplace. When you are less affected by the stresses of your job, you tend to have better relationships with your colleagues. You get along better with your coworkers and you’re more cordial with your boss.

There’s a lot of benefits to your work from exercising. However, these things are better experienced than read. Try it for a week. Just fit in 30 minutes daily of exercise and see how it affects your work.


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