Pastor Brian Amoateng Apologizes After He Said Churches Don’t Have To Donate Hand Sanitizers

There is a pandemic in the world and Ghana has not been spared.

To help the government solve the coronavirus situation in the country, various entities have gone above and beyond to help.

Others, such as Kasapreko, have changed their production lines to produce hand sanitizers – a much-needed product to prevent the spread of the virus.

Yesterday a prominent Ghanaian Pastor, Brian Amoateng was live on social media answering questions from followers when he said it is not the responsibility of the church to handout hand sanitizers.

This was not well received.

Since his video went viral, he has come out to apologise and explain why he said that.

In a post on Facebook, the Founder of Brian Jones Ministries and iYES said his explanation “was on the basis that the church cannot be seen to be the only or sole institution to do that and that members also had a role to play as well as the government.”

“I have personally given about 100 hand sanitizers to some youth, church members and other needy persons,” he added.

I, however, apologize if this point did not come clear in my interactions on the live feed on Facebook,” he said.

Y’all are going to forgive him or nah?


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