Kasapreko Halts Beverage Production To Produce More Hand Sanitizers

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Kasapreko Company Limited has halted manufacturing of beverages for the mass production of hand sanitizers and alcohol hand rubs.

This is in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards to ensure safe and clean hands and with a quest to improve hand hygiene in Ghana amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The panic buying of hand sanitisers has left a national shortage of the essential product amid the coronavirus outbreak.

From pharmacies to retail outlets these alcohol-based rubs are in high demand – leading to price-fixing and profiteering.

“The spread of coronavirus is a national concern and as a result, we have put on hold the production of drinks – focusing on the production of quality, affordable hand sanitizers and hand rubbing alcohol amid a shortage of these products and price hikes,” Richard Adjei, CEO of Kasapreko Company Ltd, stated.

As the demand for hand sanitisers increase, so does profits for various companies tapping into this scramble.

Meanwhile, according to the Commercial Director for Kasapreko, Gerald Bonsu, “the company is not considering profits amid the production of these hand sanitisers.

“We will make sure these products are sold at the exact price of 6 cedis per sanitiser and cut out all possibilities of smuggling, hoarding and profiteering,” he stated.

Chief Executive of Kasapreko has disclosed the production capacity can produce over 200,000 bottles a day with a possible glut going to see exports to other West African Markets.

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