Ghanaian Celebrity Breakups We Never Expected To Happen

For most of them, we thought they were the epitome of what black love was. As much as there were some controversies, we saw them pull through and defend their partners.

Some of the biggest headlines over the past couple of years was that of breakups (whether they were just dating or were married).

We saw some of the nastiest breakups happen online while others, we never saw coming; they just moved on and forced all of us to do same.

Here are 5 of our favourite couples who broke up and moved on with their lives.

  1. Medikal and Sister Derby

We don’t think anyone will forget about this one anytime soon. Medikal and Sister Derby were our everything. The way they stood by each other in hard times was commendable. Remember when Medikal had all those nominations but didn’t win even one? Who was there to support him when the Internet trolls came for him? Sister Derby was all over, hitting them where it hurt, left, right, center.

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