Day 2 Of 14: Ghanaian In Coronavirus Quarantine Worried About 25 New Confirmed Cases

According to the Government, about 1030 people (Ghanaians and foreigners) have been placed in mandatory quarantine for 14 days as part of measures to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Today, 25 of these quarantined travellers have tested positive of the virus and are said to be in isolation receiving treatment.

Yesterday, we told you that we are following one of the Ghanaians who are in quarantine and prefers to remain anonymous.

He has been in quarantine for two days, now going to his third day, and already a lot has happened.

Yesterday, after we run the first story stating that the hotel where they are staying leaves their food on the floor and after receiving several complaints from the quarantined people, the hotel apologised and placed coffee tables outside their doors.

To keep busy, as he is spending all day locked up in a room the streaming platform Netflix has come in handy.

Nothing wrong with some Netflix and chill while in quarantine.

However, today has brought a bit of stressful news.

At a press conference today organized by the Ministry of Information, it was revealed that 25 of those in quarantine have contracted the virus.

These 25 are part of the 611 people in quarantine whose samples were taken for testing.

Our anonymous quarantined Ghanaian is part of the 611 people whose samples were taken yesterday, however, the results of his test are not yet out.

This would undoubtedly put some amount of psychological strain on anyone, let alone someone who is locked away in a hotel, away from his family and loved ones.

Sending lots of love to all those in quarantine and staying put so that they can protect their loved ones and Ghanaians in general.



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