5 Reasons Why Medical Students Lose Friends In The University

When we go to the university, we all lose friends. Some relationships just become harder to maintain, and the distance grows. We lose some of the people that we used to be close to. This is especially true for students who go to study medicine. These are the realities medical students face, and the reasons why they lose friends.

They Are Always Busy

They find it difficult to keep their plans because there is usually something more pressing. With a lot of other courses, the pace of learning isn’t as fast. You can have fun over the weekend, and still catch up to what’s being taught in class. Students studying medicine will cancel plans because the cost of going out becomes a significant amount of progress that they would have made if they were studying. And they can’t fall behind.

Their Unavailability Is Hard To Understand

Your friends who are always cancelling plans start to become annoying. When a friend is constantly unavailable, that can begin to feel personal. And medical students are notorious for their unavailability. There’s always a lot going on with them, and this can affect their relationships. People just don’t understand how stressed they can get.

They Move Off-Campus In Their Third Year

In their third year, medical students begin their clinical years. This is not on campus. As a result, they are hardly ever around, even if they do stay on campus. This also puts a strain on their existing relationships. Long-distance relations are hard to maintain ordinarily, but then when coupled with the med school curriculum it becomes an issue.

Their Friends Start Life First

Medical school goes on for two more years after other courses are completed. A medical student’s friends will be graduating and getting ready to start their lives. And then, the med student is still carrying on doing the same old thing. It becomes hard to connect with their friends over things like their National Service, and the hustle after school.

People Don’t Go Back To Campus To Visit

When people are done with school, they usually don’t like going back. Especially for social reasons. A med student’s friends will be reluctant to just go back and hang out on campus. At the same time, they might also become busy themselves putting things together after school.

Whatever course it is that you’re doing, whatever job it is that you have, it is difficult to maintain relationships at times. Find those that really matter to you, and make an effort to sustain them.


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