UDS: How COVID-19 Is Impacting This Year’s Student Elections. What You Need to Know.

University for Development Studies Administration
University for Development Studies Administration

As the whole world is faced with by far the most dangerous global pandemic ever, several aspects of human life are being affected directly and indirectly.

With some countries like China, Italy, Spain etc having enforced total lockdown, some countries like Ghana has placed a ban on social gatherings; lockdown of schools including all universities in order to contain the spread of the deadly novel COVID-19.

This has brought academic and extra curriculum activities to a halt. While most universities in Ghana including the University for Development Studies, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology among others were fast into electing their next crop of student leaders for the 2020/2021 academic year, the global pandemic has meant that all of those activities be suspended indefinitely.

With no one knowing how soon or fast this pandemic will take us to out of, everything remains so unclear at the moment. While everyone will be hoping and praying this ends sooner than later, we also hope for the worse.

As it stands, nothing is really of so much important than the health of the global community. In view of this, the incumbent student leaders are most likely going to remain in charge of affairs until further notice.

That notwithstanding, as opposition parties in national politics are still trying to appeal to the people even as they help in fighting the pandemic, student aspirants are also doing similar. Most of them have made available information on the prevention of the Coronavirus through flyers and audiovisuals. This clearly is an attempt to educate people as well as keep students aware of their political ambitions.

Furthermore, even though, generally there is a slow pace with which student aspirants are campaigning especially because most students are not on campus due to the directives issued by the various management of the universities. The only means through which they reach out to students is through social media including WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusively, we are all encouraged to adhere to the safety precautions outlined by the health officers and hope this scare leaves us as soon as possible in order to get back to our regular lives.

source: Kuulpeeps.com

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