These Are The Best And Worst Colours To Wear To An Interview

Job interviews can be a long process for hiring managers. They meet a lot of people in a short amount of time. As a result, when you meet them, the first impression matters. The way you dress adds to that impression. If you dress in a fashion-forward way, instead of conforming to the environment, you risk being remembered for how you were dressed. You don’t want that. You want to be remembered for your skills.

The Best


Blue is a good way to establish some positive energy from the start. A large percentage of hiring managers recommend this as the best colour to wear to an interview.


Grey creates the impression of someone that is smart, and savvy. There are different shades you can pick from. And there’s also the added benefit that grey allows you to shoes that are more vivid.


Black has been established as one of the best colours to wear to an interview. However, there’s a condition. Black conveys a sort of authority and aloofness. You don’t want to wear this if you’re applying for an entry-level job.

The Worst


Please don’t wear orange to an interview. Orange is considered the worst colour to wear to an interview. It creates the impression of playfulness, over-confidence and unprofessionalism.


Certain shades of brown will come across as dull. Even though brown can create the impression of reliability, it also creates the impression that you are old fashioned. That you are slow to change.


Red is a very high maintenance colour. And that is exactly how you are going to present yourself if you wear red. You will create the impression of hostility, defiance and volatility.

So now, you know what colours will give you an edge. You also know the ones to stay away from. Remember to look confident, and go get that job.


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