The University Of Ghana Is Ready To Roll Out Their Online Teaching And Learning Platform

university of ghana legon
University of Ghana, Legon

Management has approved a proposal for tuition for the remaining seven weeks of teaching for the Second Semester to take place online, using the University’s Sakai Learning Management System (LMS). UG’s online teaching schedule is expected to begin from the week of 30 March 2020 and will run for the remaining seven weeks till the week ending 15 May 2020, unless the Universities open earlier than this date.

As you are all aware, since the University’s closure on March 16, 2020, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country have continued to rise. While the University community continues to observe social distancing to minimise community spread, we are also obligated to utilise alternative platforms to ensure that students complete the courses for which they signed up for, hence, Management’s decision to leverage our electronic resources in this direction.

Already, in anticipation of fully enrolling some programmes online, including the University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRCs), the Sakai LMS has recently been upgraded. Google classroom has also been activated as a backup LMS to the Sakai LMS. In addition, Management is working with the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) and other relevant Units to make computer laboratories available for students who may need that, using a booking system, while observing the necessary spacing and hygiene etiquette protocols. The College of Education, through its regional Learning Centres, will make similar arrangements for students who would like to access such facilities in our Learning Centres across the country.

Management is working with telecom companies to guarantee free access to the Sakai LMS platform for all students. Vodafone Ghana has accepted Management’s request to zero-rate access for users on its network to the University of Ghana online learning content. Accordingly, arrangements are underway to distribute Vodafone SIMs to all students to facilitate access.

Course Content
All courses are to be rolled out on the Sakai LMS. In addition, UGCS is working with relevant Units to explore the use of virtual methods to cover aspects of practical and clinical course components, where possible.

Training on Sakai LMS
The UGCS has arranged for (virtual) training for students who may require assistance. This includes the provision of a (virtual) helpdesk and hotlines.

Dear students, in these unusual times, we are all being called upon to push our limits a bit more. We will certainly encounter some challenges as we navigate an unchartered terrain for many of us, however, let us all remain tenacious and hopeful that this global misfortune may have presented us a unique opportunity to enhance our online teaching and learning capabilities. Management anticipates the support of every member of the University community as we transition to an interim full-scale online teaching and learning.

Kindly be on the lookout for further notices/directions from UGCS, AAD, and your respective Colleges/Schools/Departments/Units.

Once again, Management counts on your kind cooperation.


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