Some Ghanaians Swarm To The Beach Amid Social Distancing Orders

Ghanaians are known to be law-abiding, at least. Over the weekend a video surfaced on Facebook revealing Ghanaians doing the opposite.

The Ghana Health Service and Authorities announced that all Ghanaians should adhere to all the precautionary measures especially social distancing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

The video taken from a moving car on the Tema Beach road, shows people swimming and dancing at the Titanic Beach. These social activities are banned according to the Government to reduce the spread of the Virus.

The video captioned: Sakumono Beach today. How can people be this reckless? A friend in Italy tells me this is how some Italians behaved just a month ago. Some people truly need wisdom pills.

Ghanaians are all entreated t to avoid all these crowded areas.

Authorities might have to enforce strict actions to prevent places from getting crowed.

Ghanaians are, however, advised to adhere to all preventive measures and reminded to contact 050 949 7700 & 055 843 9868 incase of any signs of Covid-19 or if one has come into contact with a patient.


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