5 Ways To Seduce A Man And Make Him Crazy Over You

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To be quite honest (and we know most ladies will agree with us here), it doesn’t take much to get a guy to have sex with you. Some of those human beings will have sex with anyone in skirts and some are even proud to let it be known.

Seduction is more than just a fling; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Seduction, when done right, isn’t about throwing yourself at someone. It’s about slowly, drawing the man in and keeping him wanting more until you have him hooked. (Source: zoosk.com)

Learning how to be sexy and getting a man interested and hooked to you is not something you can learn overnight but involves a lot of back and forth as one method may not work for all. You would probably have to adjust some of the things to tailor suit the guy you’re targetting.

Remember, seduction is about getting him to want you, not necessarily letting him have you.

Here are 5 tips on how to seduce that guy the right way.

  1. Wear the best clothes for your figure
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Guys are visual creatures. They get intrigued by what they see.

No matter your body type, wearing clothes that look really good on you, whether you show skin or not, is bound to grab a guy’s attention.

You need to be careful though cuz if you show too much skin you might be perceived to be “slutty” instead of “playful”.

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