These Are The Best Applications For Group Meetings While You Work From Home

As a result of self-quarantine recommendations, a lot of us are working from home. Working from home means that we need creative workarounds in order to hold meetings. Luckily, there are great applications that work for this purpose. These applications allow multi-party group calling. In addition, you can also send files back and forth using them. Here is the list.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the only free option on this list. However, just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer some great functionality. Google Hangouts is a great option if the company uses the G-Suite business service offered by Google. All that you need to use the application is a google account. Similarly to the other applications on this list, Google Hangouts has both desktop and mobile versions.


WebEx has a very attractive interface. It also ticks all of the boxes that you would want in an application like this. However, reviews favour the WebEx mobile version over the PC version. The PC application has been a bit glitchy in the past. WebEx allows for 6 operating videos at a time. This makes it good for meetings with a large number of participants. WebEx costs about GHC110 per month.


ReadyTalk allows up to four screens at a time. It offers high-quality video and audio multi-party calls as well. The incredible thing though is that ReadyTalk offers some other tools for meetings. You can load up slides into the app that can be used in meetings. And in additions, you can create polls that will be answered during the meeting. There’s a lot of functionality fixed into the app. ReadyTalk offers plans for 10 participants up to a 100. Plans start from about a GHC130.


For just 3 participant use, GoToMeeting is free. It does have plans that cover up to 100 participants. It costs about GHC200 for 25 people. One of the cool things about GoToMeeting is that attendees don’t have to download the app or create an account. Although, this is only true if you are attending a meeting hosted by someone with an account.


Zoom also lets you join meetings without an account. You do need the mobile or desktop application though. Zoom is on the more affordable side. A monthly subscription costs about GHC50 for unlimited calls that can host up to 200 people.

Use these apps to simulate in-person meetings. Also here’s a pro-tip; always remember to mute your mike when you’re not making a contribution. In fact, it’s the first thing you should learn in any of these apps.


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